Sunday, May 18, 2008

Don't Surrender.. Take Charge..!!

This is in short what I got from R. H. Schuller's book "Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do..!" which I would like to share with you..

Never say "Take Care"... Because people who take care never can get anywhere...
Always say "Take Chance, Take Charge, Take Control..!!"
Taking a chance is reckless risk.. But you should Take Charge so you can manage that risk.. & as soon as you take charge, its easy to manage the problem.. !! so Never Surrender...

Don't Surrender to Fences which are limiting concepts that you allow to influence your goals &  dreams..
Don't Surrender to Frustrations like lack of time-money, disappointments..
Don't Surrender to Negative Fantasies that limit the size of your goals & stifle your creativity..
Don't Surrender to Fears.. Fear of Failure.. I would rather attempt something great & fail than attempt nothing & succeed..!
Don't Surrender to Faults.. Never let a problem become an Excuse...!
Don't Surrender to Facts.. Attitude is more important than facts, Never let yourself be defeated by the facts..
Don't Surrender to Frenzies.. If something terrible happens, don't react or get furious but just think..!
Don't Surrender to the Fates, Forecasts.. just keep Trying !
Don't Surrender to Foes, Criticisms.. They really aren't interested in solving your problems..!
Don't Surrender to outside forces such as Space, Location, Poverty..
Don't Surrender to Fracturing experiences of life..." Believe in Dreams, Never Believe in Hurts.. Don't Let your fracturing experience shape your future" so don't say "Never Again"
So never say its time to surrender... but say
its time to Take Charge.. Only exception is Faith..
"Do surrender to Faith..!!!"

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