Friday, June 20, 2008

म्हणतात आठवणी पुरुन उरतात..
पण परत ते क्षण येणार नाहित,
म्हणुन त्या छळत राहतात..

आता खुप झाले हे छळणे,
परक्यासारखे वागणे,
नि क्वचितच तुझे बोलणे..

आता अटळ आहे तुझ्याशी भेटणे,
जेणे करुन कळेल असे का हे घडणे..!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

MuSic is ReaL ComPaniaN..

If No one is around bay..
Music is wid me to play..

If I feel depressed..
Music makes me relaxed..

When my heart gets full of joy..
Music there to take me high..

No one knows my tears..
Music alwys there to share..

Everything I got temporary..
Music's Forever.. on contrary..

What I love.. tends to be Fantasy
Music only.. stays in my destiny..

Don't want anyone to Love me..
But Music.. I'm begging u to stay wid me..!!